MEMOOD & pompom

Based on our observations at BASIC Centre, we realised that the children have a limited emotional vocabulary, which causes them to be unable to express their feelings accurately. Additionally, the current rewards system is individualistic - rewards are redeemed individually and thus does not motivate children who enjoy playing with their friends.

To target these two areas, Memood and Pompom were developed.

Memood is a weekly journal that teaches the children various different emotions and provides a platform for reflecting. Children circle the emotion/s they are feeling that day and write down their reasons, which serves as a record for staff to review later on. Memood thus also serves to be a communication channel for staff to understand the children’s inner feelings, as some children may not actively approach the staff when they are troubled and need help.

Pompom is a collective star points system that lets the children learn about working towards and enjoying rewards together. It is a source of motivation as they can visualise their progress, and develop a sense of pride from contributing to a greater whole.

Project by Poh Yunru, Natalie Mae Tan & Ng Zi Ning