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Service Design Lab Singapore runs collaborative design projects with government agencies and private companies to attain human-centred service innovation. We develop educational programs for academia & industries, and disseminate our knowledge through publications, workshops & online media. 

Our approaches always engage end-users, service providers and various experts by the use of design tools. We facilitate empathic understanding amongst stakeholders.  

Our aim is to embed service design capabilities within the Singapore public sector, gearing towards citizen-centred policy making and service development. We also aim aid industries in attaining service innovation, and ultimately build a service design network in Asia-pacific and actively collaborate with global service design communities. 



DR. JUNG-JOO LEE  Director & Principal Researcher

Director & Principal Researcher


PhD Students

YVONNE YEO   PhD Student

PhD Student

ERIK CHUA   PhD Student

PhD Student

ALVIN CHIA   PhD Student

PhD Student

Design Researchers

JIAYING CHEW  Design Researcher 

Design Researcher 

GLENDA YEO  Design Researcher

Design Researcher

WILMER TAY   Design Researcher

Design Researcher



ANGELA TAY  Design Researcher

Design Researcher

Dr. Jung-Joo Lee   Director & Principal Researcher

Dr. Jung-Joo Lee

Director & Principal Researcher

JJ is currently an Assistant Professor with the Division of Industrial Design, National University of Singapore. She is responsible for the Service Design track and is a member of International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP). She is also a reviewer of various design journals, including International Journal of Design, The Design Journal and Journal of Design Research. 

JJ holds her Ph.D from Aalto University in Finland and has worked on various service design and interaction design projects in collaboration with global companies like Microsoft, IBM & Samsung, as well as government agencies including the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. 

She hopes to aid government and industries in Singapore embed service design capabilities and build a service design network in Asia-Pacific. 

     Yvonne Yeo     PhD Student


Yvonne Yeo

PhD Student

Yvonne has over 20 years of global working experiences, managing international teams in both the public and private sectors across multiple industries. She is a huge advocate of scalable innovation, sustainable learning and ensuring that organisations have a common vocabulary among business functions and design methodology. She believes that every successful brands can act as platforms for social changes, as sounding boards for consumers' voices.

By employing human-centered design principles, user insights and market intelligence, we will be able to reframe challenges, create scalable and sustainable solutions to deliver authentic meaningful brand and service experiences.

She is an alumnus of Curtin University of Technology, RMIT University, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Industrial Design with the National University of Singapore.


Research Abstract:

Design approaches in the public service have recently shifted their focus onto customers’ experiences and not basing insights largely from historical data or expert opinions. Although public agencies strive to be collaborative with corporate culture geared towards human-centeredness, design as a growing strategic tool is not clearly understood among public service officers. What exactly is design, what are its contributions and how to relate design practices to daily work are barriers to successfully embed design within organisations. There are also limited facilitation tools to create a common language, to start conversations between design practitioners and clients with no design backgrounds on the role of design and how it helps to achieve organisational goals. My PhD research introduces the development of a design capability mapping tool, with the aim of capturing and amplifying clarity around a public service organisation’s propensity and aptitude to embed design at various levels throughout the organisation. The mapping tool has been developed and tested with several Singapore public agencies to identify their perceptions of design, organisational resources and mind-sets, as well as uncovering any misalignments.

     Alvin Chia    PhD Student


Alvin Chia

PhD Student

Alvin Chia is the Innovation Program Lead of DBS Bank. His tenure in DBS saw him leading more than fifty workshops, customer immersions and digital experiments across the region, leading to impactful solutions for the bank. 

Prior to DBS, Alvin consulted for the largest independent innovation consulting company, serving top-tier clients such as InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Unilever. Outside of work, Alvin lectures actively as an Adjunct Faculty with the Singapore University of Social Science and writes for the business and leadership verticals of the Huffington Post.

He is an alumnus of the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Human-centered Design with National University of Singapore.


Research abstract: 

Human-centered design (HCD) has emerged in the business world today as one of the leading problem solving methods, as it brings the customer’s perspectives into business-oriented decision making, leading to more well-rounded and robust solutions. Despite the obvious upside, the implementation of HCD is often fraught with challenges, as businesses lacks the talents, skillsets and toolkits to launch it at scale. With a limited number of trained designers, implementing HCD often falls into the remit of non-designers from varying background and little training.   
Alvin’s proposed dissertation seeks to understand the problems non-designers experienced when implementing HCD in business. Proposed outcomes of the study includes (1) case studies of how businesses have implemented HCD and (2) a HCD toolkit designed for non-designers to aid business implementation. 

     Erik Chua    PhD Student


Erik Chua

PhD Student

Erik is thrilled to be back in NUS, where he started his design studies in 2002 and also met the love of his life.

While doing his doctoral study, Erik continues to teach User Experience and Product Design in Singapore Polytechnic. In his 10-years of teaching design, Erik has led numerous projects across different disciplines, from designing lifestyle consumer products, to food, to mobile applications, as well as retail experiences and services.

Apart from school and work, Erik treasures his time most with his wife and two children.

His favourite design principle:
“Build digital services, not websites”
- by the Government Digital Services, United Kingdom


Research abstract: 

Two shifts are under way in the design world in Singapore. Firstly, with more multinational corporations and innovation service firms building in-house design teams, many of today’s designers are working in multidisciplinary settings, whereby they need to marry their design skills with different domain knowledge. Secondly, there is a bigger push for non-design professionals to pick up the knowledge and practice of design thinking. This is because the next generation of Singapore’s workforce will require not only a strong foundation in professional skills but also in design innovation skills. To address these shifts, it would be necessary to review the design education in Singapore. Being in the design education for almost a decade, it is in my interest to use my Ph.D. research as an avenue to gather data and insights that can be beneficial to organisations and individuals to enable them to make better informed decisions in the areas of design education, training and career advancements.

     JiaYing Chew     Design Researcher


JiaYing Chew

Design Researcher

     Glenda Yeo     Design Researcher


Glenda Yeo

Design Researcher

     Wilmer Tay     Design Researcher


Wilmer Tay

Design Researcher

     Angela Tay     Design Researcher


Angela Tay

Design Researcher

Angela is a design researcher and currently resides in Atlanta, USA. She holds a B.A in Industrial Design from the National University of Singapore. 

Angela is experienced in conducting design workshops, seminars and assisting in design studios. She has conducted over 10 different workshops and assisted in 6 different design studios in Singapore, 2 of which were service design studios in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower.

Angela’s interests lie in designing for the marginalized, the children, women and elderly. She is also looking to dive into the Public Health sector. She currently volunteers in a refugee community and crisis pregnancy center in Atlanta. In her free time, she takes on graphic design projects and is currently setting up her own etsy store.