in collaboration with Ministry of Education Singapore (2018)

In collaboration with Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE), this platform addressed two design challenges: first, design for school staff to provide better services, and second, design for self-help for MOE customers, who are mainly parents. Six student teams conducted in-depth stakeholder research and co-creation sessions with partnering schools and MOE HQ. They aimed at solutions that are scalable across schools and sustainable with MOE’s future visions. The final solutions were designed through several rounds of iterations with service prototyping and testing and some of these ideas are now being developed for real-world implementation. 

PUSH FOR PULL: The P1 Registration Care Package

P1 registration is a critical and highly anxious period for parents. Focusing on anxiety when parents research, the P1 Registration Care Package is an ecosystem that uses a physical push to generate a digital pull, resulting in physical returns. Physical codes create direct paths to specified information, paired with digital tools to filter and give relevant results. The system comes as a physical guide that blends into homes and allows for personalization to cater to different families.


Project by Natalie Tan, Clifford Chew & Lew Jin Jie 


Our system of ideas is informed by the values of flexible communication of service principles, and enhancing staff creativity and motivation. 

The CARE-lender is a personal “bite-sized” guide that utilises generative questions that prompt frontline staff towards discovery-based learning and self-reflection. Staff can define for themselves what makes for great service, constructing their own knowledge through daily routine of attending to calls/walk-in cases. 

The Eureka! Board is a tool designed to empower staff to engage in collaborative peer-to-peer learning and micro-innovation. It may be deployed during or out of meetings, setting a structure for visual communication within staff and spark solutions through the exchange of ideas.


Project by  Denise Yeo, Matthew Soon, Valerie Tan


EasyTask is an intuitive system that streamlines the process for customer-specific tasks to achieve service excellence. It enhances the efficiency of Customer Service Officers and provides guidance to covering staff with bit-sized sequential content at their fingertips - for quick processing. Visual cues in the system nudge customer-centric attitudes to satisfy customer’s every need. What good is a system if it isn’t also easy to create? The creation of new tasks uses versatile elements for customisation to any specific task.


Project by Zeng Jieying, Teh Xin Lei & Cemal Caglar Bektas

(Online Parent’s Personal Assistant) & Student Led Service Programme

Service support staff are often the first point of contact to parent’s enquiries and an important pillar to the school’s continuous engagement and partnership with parents.

In collaboration with Jurong West Primary School, we envision a new perspective on how schools can improve customer service delivery experience by tapping on technology and existing practices.

OPPA (Online Parent’s Personal Assistant) is a digital intermediary that streamline the process for walk-in enquiries with guided steps for parents and notifications for the staff. Such function can also be embedded in existing and future Ministry’s application. Next, the Student Information Card serves as an extension of OPPA, helping bridge the information gap between parents and staff on their children. Lastly, the Student Led Service Programme can be appropriated to meet the need of the school, tapping on existing prefect system to divert more minor tasks away from the support staff.

With our solutions working hand in hand, support staff are able to focus their attention on more important tasks.


Project by Lai Hoi Bing, Ryan Euclid Chin & Tan Zijie 


This project is in partnership with Westwood Secondary School for 13 weeks. We gathered findings from the stakeholders of Westwood Secondary School – which includes the Parent Support Group, General Office staff and the Principal – to understand their pain points. We managed to identify and decided focus on the need to provide a system that can solicit quality feedback from parents and utilize these feedback to improve overall service excellence within the school?

 Introducing Schoop, a feedback system that facilitates continuous dialogue between parents and schools. This feedback system provides assurance and credibility for the parents which will then be translated into data visuals that act as tools for the school, highlighting areas they can improve in.

The feedback interface is friendly, straightforward, and easily accessible anywhere, anytime. On the other hand, the school is able to use the data visuals to easily assess their service excellence and track feedback.

Project by Nghiem Si Phuoc, Stephen Ow & Jocelyn Tan


PLANCK is a calendar aimed to educate parents on the Primary 1 registration process, choosing the right school and mentally prepare both parents and child for their new education journey. Visually engaging infographics, accompanied with checklists and QR codes leading to MOE’s online platforms, parents learn and understand a new aspect of the journey each month, and also familiarize themselves with MOE self-help channels. Delivering the information at a comfortable pace since the beginning of the year, parents feel confident registering as they are well-informed. With a simplified flowchart for identifying registration phases and events color coded accordingly, parents will not have to worry about missing out important activities.

Project by Yang Yang, Jennifer Lim & Zeynep Ozge Aydin