in collaboration with OCBC (2015)

Young adults are increasingly recognised as banks' important future customers. The banking needs of young adults are very diverse and dynamic. They are tech-savvy, and at the same time creating a new digital landscape in the "Internet of Things" era. What would then be the perfect’ banking solutions for young adults? What kind of banking products can really help them to build a better future? What will be the future role of branches for young adults’ needs? How can the service channels be designed for young adults? 

We collaborated with OCBC bank, one of the major banks in Singapore, to explore future banking solutions for young adults. We looked into the eco-system of banking, including digital tools, banking products, social interaction, branches etc. 


OCBC Blueprint is an online platform service designed to help people visualize their future financial needs and wants, at the same time allowing them to plan the steps they can take to achieve those goals. It was developed with the aim to equip young working adults with the technical knowhow and vital knowledge in future financial planning. Blueprint is also a gateway to OCBC’s existing services.

Research from design probes show that young adults have vague plans about their future, but are uncertain about it. They are also unaware of how to start planning for their future milestones. This is due to their misconceptions about financial matters influenced not only from peers, but reluctance to find out more as they find finance intimidating.

The concept of Blueprint is to first educate young adults with vital information relevant for their future, followed by guiding them to take actions using OCBC’s existing services that will help them reach their financial goals. 


Project by Kelly Yap, Adarrel Ho & Alvina Yeo 


FRIDOR aims to provide personal attachment and guidance to sustain healthy financial habits. 

In conjunction with OCBC bank and FRANK by OCBC, FRIDOR aims to meet future banking services with relevance to GEN-Y's increasing demand of keeping track of their expenses with ease of convenience. 

By combining technical aspects and emotional touch, GEN-Y users are able to effectively track their expenses, customize and analyze their spendings, and celebrate their precious moments to the fullest. 

Project by Hillary Hoe & Ku Ga Eun


Financial matters take on a more pivotal role the moment one becomes a young working adult —specifically, managing both personal and family-oriented finances. Family3 is a new feature on the ibanking platform that aims to help you manage your finances more efficiently.

Adding family members into your financing circle, creating and growing joint financial jars (savings, spending, insurance , investment) with them is one key feature of Family3. Banks can also tap into newly created relationship links to promote relevant financial products. Ultimately, Family3 aims to be the solution to your family-oriented woes throughout the various stages of your life.

Project by Iris Tan, Wilmer Tay & Chia Yong Qing 


Envision is a service based on digital platform that forms a bridge between planning and goals. It aims to instil the importance of early planning and habitual saving for specific goals and dreams, while users transition from Students to young working adults.

Envision educates users to set early goals, that are relevant to them as individuals and enables them to visualise their dreams along the way as they plan. It also motivates them to imbibe the habit of saving for each milestone of their lives by allowing collective goals, peer-to-peer encouragement and personalised incentives. 

Project by Shubhangi Paul, Teresa Khoo & Tony Chui