’C/O Cards’ are used to identify and map challenges and opportunities when adopting design in the public sector. Keywords on the cards represent recurring challenges and opportunities which are collected through empirical studies and literature reviews. By browsing through the cards, participants will be able to find keywords relatable to their own experiences and opinions. 


An example of using C/O cards: 

Step 1. Mapping Challenges: “What challenges do you face?” 

Participants browse the ‘Challenge’ cards individually. 
They write down personal experiences or worries related to the keywords on the cards. 
By taking turns, participants share their stories with other members and place the cards on the table. 
When placing the cards, cards are placed close to the ones that have related keywords. 
Build a ‘challenge map’ on the table

Step 2. Mapping Opportunities: “What opportunities are there to overcome the challenges?” 
Participants browse the ‘Opportunity’ cards individually by thinking what opportunity could deal with the challenges identified in Step 1. 
Discuss what can be opportunities to deal with the identified challenges and what actions need to be done.  
Place the Opportunity cards around the Challenge cards.