ida x ux design workshop

In June 2015, SDL gave a two-day workshop on User Experience Design to officers at Government Digital Services, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

IDA planned to set up an in-house UX lab, and as a preparatory step, they wanted to gain a common level of understanding of UX design mindset, processes and tools, in order to better apply those skills at their work and envision future direction of UX design lab. The participants came from varying backgrounds, from developers, UI designers to project managers and so on. 

It was a project-based workshop with the theme of ‘healthy seniors, happy seniors’: developing digital solutions for senior’s well-being with the foci of health education, healthcare service delivery, and health in social interaction. 

The participants tried out various UX design workshop tools, including Empathy Workshop, Persona, Customer Journey Mapping, Problem-Need-Opportunity analysis.