MOE Organisation Development Division Design Capability Mapping and PDIR Programme
22 May 2017

To reflect upon and improve MOE Organisation Development Division's current innovation process, the workshop investigated design-led organisational development initiatives and analysed the division's design capability. The workshop created an environment for teams to discuss competences, assumptions, expectations, roles they play in projects as well as organisational support. 

IRAS Kickstart Programme
8 November 2016

Through mapping competences, methods and tools to support the principles as well as the roles LEA:D needs to play, the goal of the workshop was to achieve a shared understanding amongst team members about design roles in IRAS- “Where are we now & where do we want to go, to achieve Design-Driven IRAS”. 

Age-Management Seminar
1 November 2016

Our students had the privilege to partake in the Age Management Seminar 2016 on “Breaking the Invisible ‘Age’ Barrier – Building Easier, Safe and Smarter Jobs” where they got to showcase their Job Redesign concepts to various key industry players, including the Minister of State for Manpower Sam Tan. 

ESSEC-NUS Innovation & Design Week
21-25 September 2015

Students from the Advanced Master in Strategy and Management in International Business as well as students from the Division of Industrial Design at the National University of Singapore worked on the topic of “Smart Nation” throughout the week, coming up with ideas for products or services which would bring improvements to the lives of people in Singapore. 

IDA x UX Design Workshop
9-10 June 2015

The goal of the workshop was to gain a common level of understanding of the UX Design mindset; process & tools with a focus on learning by doing, so as to allow participants to be able to apply these skills to their work. The workshop was also a means to facilitate participants in envisioning the future direction of UX Design work at IDA.


Co-Design for Public Value Workshop
19 March 2015

As part of Singapore Design Week 2015, Service Design Lab and ThinkPlace hosted a workshop, ‘Co-design for Public Value’. 

The workshop brought together almost 100 participants from various government agencies, professional designers and researchers. It also featured a panel of four speakers from Singapore, Finland and Australia who shared their experiences and research in public sector design: Kirsikka Vaajakallio (Senior Service Designer, Hellon Finland),  Agnes Kwek (Director of Corporate Transformation, Land Transport Authority), Nina Terrey (Partner, ThinkPlace – Australia), & Hefen Wong (Senior Assistant Director, Behavioural Insights and Design Unit, Ministry of Manpower Singapore).