map it!

To facilitators and teachers, did the kids understand your lesson? Having trouble coming up with meaningful new activities? MAP IT! can help you with that!

MAP IT! is a fun and kinesthetic toolkit to:

-        Facilitate reflection on the lesson
-        And create space for creative expression for children
-        Such that it can provide means for facilitators to evaluate the activity
-        And inspire them to plan kids- centric activities!

MAP IT! comes equipped with Reflection and Expression modules, Prompt cards, Facilitator’s Inspire cards and a Base Module that doubles as packaging. With the new ideas for kids-centric activities, MAP IT! will lead up to an online ecosystem where facilitators from all centers can exchange ideas and the values attached with one another. MAP IT! will solve your idea blocks in no time.

Project by Mathilde Gaucher, Hansel Wong & Yong Zi Fong