Yvonne Yeo     PhD Student   yvonneym@u.nus.edu


Yvonne Yeo

PhD Student

Yvonne has over 20 years of global working experiences, managing international teams in both the public and private sectors across multiple industries. She is a huge advocate of scalable innovation, sustainable learning and ensuring that organisations have a common vocabulary among business functions and design methodology. She believes that every successful brands can act as platforms for social changes, as sounding boards for consumers' voices.

By employing human-centered design principles, user insights and market intelligence, we will be able to reframe challenges, create scalable and sustainable solutions to deliver authentic meaningful brand and service experiences.

She is an alumnus of Curtin University of Technology, RMIT University, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Industrial Design with the National University of Singapore.


Research Abstract:

Design approaches in the public service have recently shifted their focus onto customers’ experiences and not basing insights largely from historical data or expert opinions. Although public agencies strive to be collaborative with corporate culture geared towards human-centeredness, design as a growing strategic tool is not clearly understood among public service officers. What exactly is design, what are its contributions and how to relate design practices to daily work are barriers to successfully embed design within organisations. There are also limited facilitation tools to create a common language, to start conversations between design practitioners and clients with no design backgrounds on the role of design and how it helps to achieve organisational goals. My PhD research introduces the development of a design capability mapping tool, with the aim of capturing and amplifying clarity around a public service organisation’s propensity and aptitude to embed design at various levels throughout the organisation. The mapping tool has been developed and tested with several Singapore public agencies to identify their perceptions of design, organisational resources and mind-sets, as well as uncovering any misalignments.